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Who we are

he public fund of the not-for-profit Desert Channels Queensland, an environmental organisation which works with individuals, communities, local government, businesses, governments and other not-for-profits, to sustainably manage the natural resources of the Queensland section of the Lake Eyre Basin.

We have a vision:
Our inland river catchments preserved, productive and secure ... for all ... forever.

We have a mission:
Stoking the passion for the Lake Eyre Basin; conserving its natural and cultural values, enhancing its productivity.

Desert Channels Foundation was formed in early 2009 in response to the serious reduction in government funding into our region due to the international economic crunch.

It took the global financial crisis to underline what we already sensed: that there will always be much more to be done than what governments will ever be able to fund.  So much more needs to do to prevent the loss of species, and to protect the unique biodiversity that underpins the health and productivity of the land … we owe it to ourselves, and to future generations.

To answer this call, Desert Channels Foundation has harnessed the generosity and goodwill of people around Australia, and the World.  Thanks to you, we can fund education, awareness, research and project activities to protect and preserve high conservation value areas, and best manage nature’s resources across the Queensland catchments of the spectacular Lake Eyre Basin.

Much of our work is delivered through Desert Channels Queensland, but we also work in partnership with other non-profits and organisations with which we have common goals.
We are a small organisation, but we believe you don’t have to be big to be effective.  Our vision is to see our inland river catchments preserved, productive and secure ... for all ... forever.

Your contribution to the Desert Channels Foundation will help us achieve that vision.

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